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5 Lies Men Tell Women

By Smitten, Glamour Magazine | Love + Sex – 11 hours ago

By John Ortved, Glamour magazine

The folks over at College Candy have put together a helpful little list of The 11 Lies Women Tell Men. I thought it might only be fair, and even a little helpful if I shared the lies men tell women. If you want to know the truth, keep reading, but also keep in mind that I just admitted that I could be a total liar.

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1. “ isn’t my homepage. I don’t even watch porn! Someone must have put that there as a joke.”

OK, the homepage thing really may have been a joke, but seriously, he probably watches porn.

2. “I’m just not hungry.”

Are you kidding me? Men can always eat. We are the opposite of hibernating bears. The reason he’s not eating is either because what you made is gross, or he’s mad at you, or something is bothering him.

3. “I have no idea how many women I’ve slept with; I don’t count”

Bullsh*t. He knows exactly how many and if he doesn’t it’s because his memory is bad, in which case he probably wrote it down somewhere.”

4. “I forgot that OK Cupid account even existed.”

He probably checks it from work, that tricky bugger. It’s pathetic, but doesn’t mean he’s a cheater; maybe he just needs the ego boost. If it’s still up a week after you busted him, he’s either an idiot or a jerk.

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5. “That’s never happened before.”

I mean, there has to be a first time for everything, so logically, at some point, that statement would have been true. Just doubtful that this was that time. Whatever. He’s embarrassed. Just shake it off and say “no big deal.” That’s the nicest thing you can do.

Did I miss any? What lies have you suspected guys of telling you? And have you ever lied to them about anything?

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