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Each year, children from some of Africa’s poorest countries try out for the African Children’s Choir. Many of them have lost one or both parents to poverty or disease. The youngest member is 7 years old. The oldest is 12. For these children, singing in the choir is a way to break free from the hopelessness and poverty they face in their homelands.

“Their living arrangement is very basic: live in a mud house or a brick house,” explained Vic Thiessen, a tour leader for the African Children’s Choir.
“Generally they don’t have plumbing or electricity so the kids are walking some distance to bring water home in a jerry can,” Thiessen added.
In its 20-plus years, the choir has given children from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana the chance to express themselves in song.
The group has released a number of albums and performed at major events and venues around the world.
Those fortunate enough to be chosen for the choir are sent to a music training camp, where they learn to perform before an audience.  They also study academics and attend Sunday school.
A Chance to See the World
Each year, two choirs are chosen to go on tour and share the good news of Jesus Christ through song.
Organizers say touring helps them raise money to give each child a quality education in their native land.  The kids are also exposed to a world of new possibilities and wonders.
“It’s not often the luxuries that fascinate them — but little things like electric hair dryers or an escalator or something simple like that,” Thiessen told CBN News.
“My favorite place is New York, and I like how they put the buildings, like how it looks like,” choir member Emmason Jayala said.

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