As the year comes to an end many of us find ourselves reflecting on past events and lessons learned with pen and paper in hand to write down our top new year’s resolutions. We write down the plans and goals we would like to accomplish in the New Year…and hope to follow through.

This year Forbes offers a list of only 3 tips that should be simple enough to accomplish in 2012. Although simple, Forbes says that they should help you give your career an extra boost.

First on the list: create a special project. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just something you enjoy doing that relates to your career. For instance, a freelance writer could create an online blogging projects with a fun topic as writer Susannah Breslin did, “Letters From Men Who Go to Strip Clubs.” With this project, Breslin posted 22 letters and earned one of her highest rated online projects. As a freelance writer, this project is something that also relates to her career.

Perhaps for the business professionals, you could create a community financial literacy program on Saturday mornings, or for those who aspire to change the world, you could start by implementing a street clean up.

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