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When a store goes out of business, consumers are used to finding bargains at a “going out of business” sale.

But that wasn’t the case when a chain of bridal shops went out of business last week.

Spray painting expensive gowns

“Priscilla’s of Boston,” a chain of 19 bridal shops across the country, was recently purchased by wedding giant David’s Bridal. 

But TV stations in Minneapolis caught video of employees in at least one store spray painting expensive wedding gowns with red paint, so they would have to be destroyed.

Among the gowns destroyed: a $6,000 Vera Wang dress, according to reports.

Industry analysts say this has happened with designer dresses and jeans at some other stores going out of business, and is a disturbing new trend.  Rather than sell the items at markdown, or donate them to charity, the stores destroy the clothing to keep prices up, and keep them out of the hands of counterfeiters, who would try to reproduce them.

However, this latest action sparked outrage among hundreds of brides, who say there are many families planning weddings who can’t afford a gown, especially military brides, whose husbands are in Afghanistan and other war zones.

David’s Bridal apologizes

After this public relations fiasco was caught on tape and broadcast, David’s Bridal issued a public apology, and said it does not approve of destroying dresses. 

And it promises to donate other unsold dresses to charities.

In today’s tough economy, this is not the kind of news many families want to hear.

As always, don’t waste your money.

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Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5