While some women might be instantly infatuated with the celebrity lifestyle that comes with dating an NBA baller, Grammy-nominated singer Keyshia Cole dug deep and found that what really attracted her to hubby Daniel Gibson was his spirituality.

“What made me gravitate toward Gib was his faith in God, more than anything. He seemed like a loving person. He talked a lot about his grandmother who had passed away, and the things she instilled in him,” Keyshia told Ebony magazine.

Their courtship wasn’t the usual one with lots of red carpet appearances and trips to exotic islands where paparazzi just happen to be waiting with focused lenses. The two, who dated for three years, kept things simple like two teens in love, according to Daniel.

“We did the high school thing—we talked on the phone until the morning. We really got to know each other well before we met in person,” said Daniel, who didn’t waste a lot of time popping the question once the two did come face to face.

“Once we met, things happened fast. I felt like she was perfect for me. I proposed to her on New Year’s Eve, right when the ball dropped. I got down on one knee at the same time,” he said.

Keyshia and Daniel’s relationship could have been doomed, considering both stars were beginning to lose faith in love. However, Keyshia said she was able to trust Daniel because they connected in a way she hadn’t with other guys.

“It’s important to be in the same place. I needed someone I could trust. He felt the same way,” she said. “We talked about it and had deep conversations about our goals, what we wanted out of life and from a family standpoint. That’s what made our bond strong.”