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So as the old sayings go “Nice guys finish last” & “Women love bad boys” well I want to know why that is.  You would think that women would prefer a man to treat her right and not cheat on her right??? Well the Stir on Yahoo Shine has the top 5 reasons why women dont like nice guys, take a look:

1. It’s hard for some of us to trust a Nice Guy.

2. Bad Boys care about themselves — a lot — and it makes us think they care about us.

3. Nice Guys have their shit together. Bad Boys don’t. Women like a challenge

4. Some women are afraid of intimacy. The one thing the Bad Boy rarely does is want to become intimate.

5. Some women suffer low self-esteem.

I found this list very interesting including the explanation to #5:

“Women who don’t feel very good about themselves may not be able to handle the Nice Guy that treats her well. The Bad Boy, however, may treat her in the way she treats herself — badly.”


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