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When picking between a “bad guy” or “nice guy,” often times the “bad guy” wins the fight, but why?  It’s not so much that “nice” isn’t good, but for women  I think being good and attractive are two different things.

Check out these 7 reasons why women end up with bad boys instead of nice guys…

"nice guys"

1. Women don’t believe in “nice guys”

If guys are “too” nice, women typically won’t trust them because they seem like they’re faking it.  Women are used to seeing bad relationships in their personal lives, favorite TV shows, hit movies, and all media outlets.  This has conditioned some women to think the worst will happen in their relationship too.

"women want a project"

2. Women want a project

Nice guys don’t usually need to be fixed. Bad boys usually do, so they become a project. Women think if they can “create” the perfect man then he will never leave them. Also, if they’re busy fixing someone else, they might not have to look at their own insecurities.

"dont respect them"

3. Women don’t respect them!

Nice guys will typically drop anything for their girlfriend and be very attentive to her needs.  Yes, this a great attribute but if women control their men too much they tend to lose respect for them. If women know they can control everything men do they will inherently stop respecting them which leads to a lack of attraction.


4. It’s all about Mother Nature

Women are designed to nurture. However, instead of doing this with children, they often end up doing it with bad boys. They think their love will save them. Nice guys rarely need to be saved and therefore women can get bored and look for someone who really needs some nurturing.

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