I am saddened that these untrue stories about me have people questioning my commitment to my family. For reasons that are between us, I have not seen my mother in 11 years and outside of a random call here and there have had little to no contact with my sister. We all have personal family issues that we have to deal with in life, but I choose to deal with mine in private and not through the media.”

Today’s issue? He’s being dunned by his family for being unwilling to help his mother stave off foreclosure, according to the New York Daily News.

Morgan’s mother Alicia Warden lives in Ohio, and she and Tracy are considered estranged — the Daily News reported last week that she learned of her son’s recent hospitalization from the Internet. Warden, 61, lost her job a year ago and according to her daughter Asia Morgan (Tracy’s younger sister), “Her health is failing. She has diabetes, and her legs are giving out on her. This would be a drop in the bucket for Tracy. She has a son that can do, and she’s done everything that she possibly could for her family.”

After being laid off, Warden told the Daily News that she asked for help from her son; one of his employees called back, offering a “one-shot deal” of $2,000. Warden says she owes less than $25,000 on her home.

If Warden fails to make a minimum payment by Feb. 23, the bank has said it will begin foreclosure proceedings. She’s already at risk of having her utilities turned off and her car taken away.

“He’s never been a nice person,” said Asia Morgan of her brother, who Forbes reports is worth $18 million. “And money’s just made it worse.”

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