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During last night’s Valentine’s Day episode, Amber, who plays Mercedes on the show, found herself in an interracial love triangle. So, to get herself through it and apologize to both of her guys, she gave a performance of Whitney Houston classic “I Will Always Love You.” Creating one of the episode’s most dramatic moments, she took the stage in a red gown as the spotlight lit her from behind, and she absolutely murdered the song.

Again, no one is touching Whitney’s vocals, but this is definitely one Whitney tribute that will leave viewers with goosebumps. The ironic part of it is that Glee producers didn’t scramble to make this happen. They had already planned on airing the song during this week’s Valentine’s Day episode before Whitney’s tragic passing had even occurred. Last weekend’s shocking event just made watching the moment even more stirring.

What makes things even more ironic is that Amber said she just met Whitney for the first time last Thursday at Kelly Price’s pre-Grammy party where she told Whitney she’d be singing the song on the show. She tells E! Online:

“I just met her Thursday. I was really nervous. We were at Kelly Price’s pre-Grammy party, and I was battling if I wanted to go over there because she is such an icon and such an inspiration to me. And I went over and I thanked her for letting us use her music and entrusting it with us on Glee. And she said, ‘What show are you on, baby?’ And I said Glee. And she said you’re welcome. And she rubbed my hand and said ‘God bless you.’”