Lovingly known by close friends and family as Nippy, Whitney Houston would have been 58 years old today.

Today (August 9) would've been the late Whitney Houston's 60th birthday, and Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame has the perfect way for us to celebrate.

The world could use some laughter in the day and age we are living in however all jokes aren’t funny and some things just shouldn’t be joked about. Unfortunately for Jessie Woo on Wild ‘N Out she is getting dragged for not recognizing that somethings shouldn’t be joked about especially the deceased, or more importantly about one […]

The problem with speaking someone else’s truth is the operative words ‘someone else’, not to mention they if they aren’t telling their truth coming from you would make it a lie, especially if the someone isn’t around because they are no longer on this earth in the physical to speak, confirm or deny what is […]

You have to have a special somethin somethin in your spirit to even want to cover anything sang be the late great Whitney Houston, but your lyrical anointing would have to be off the charts to stand flat footed and actually pull it off.  Now imagine the dynamic duo of Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans […]

By now you would have to be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard that Whitney Houston’s BFF, Robyn Crawford, the BFF that rumors had been swirling around forever about the nature of Robyn and Whitney’s ‘relationship’, has dropped a new book, A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston, and she spilled […]

We have heard Bobby Browns, HBO’s, Showtime and both sides of Whitney Houston’s family side of the story, all have a different point of view/story however the one common denominator that comes up in all of their stories is the friendship Whitney Houston had with Robyn Crawford.  So now after over 7 years since one […]

The company behind Houston’s hologram has another tour in development involving the late Amy Winehouse, but that has been put on hold.   Dionne Warwick is not enthused about the upcoming hologram tour that Whitney Houston’s estate is planning. “I haven’t a clue as to what that is. It’s surprising to me,” said Warwick in […]

Last year there were two documentaries about Whitney Houston that were released on various platforms. The one that was released in theaters, Whitney contained a detail that the other Showtime doc: Whitney: Can I Be Me? did not. Whitney, produced in part by Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law, contained a shocking claim. Mary Jones, the woman who served as Whitney’s […]

Cancel culture is a real thing. So real even funnyman Chris Rock had to take down a post that wasn’t so flattering to music royalty. Madam Noire is reporting that the comedian got a severe heat rash for poking fun at Whitney Houston’s infamous drug use. Over the weekend a meme hit Instagram with a […]

Bobby Brown has spoke his truth about her in his biopic as well as every other unauthorized documentary, article, autobiography etc, etc, but her silence has remained gold. The relationship between Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston has always been the subject of rumors, including among Whitney’s own family members. Even when Robyn Crawford quietly was […]

Following the death of Whitney Houston in 2012, there has been much chatter about her relationship with longtime friend Robyn Crawford. In an interview with Us Weekly in 2016, Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown confirmed rumors that she had an affair with Crawford. “I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today,” Brown said. “She […]