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Tyler Perry hit up Chelsea Lately this week to promote his new film, Good Deeds.  While there, he discussed how meeting a homeless lady helped change his life as well as helped Chelsea figure out the right pronunciation of Madea.  Chelsea also seized the opportunity to grill Tyler on the controversy surrounding him choosing Kim Kardashian to star in ‘The Marriage Counselor’. Tyler revealed that he wasn’t that familiar with Kim Kardashian beforehand (because he doesn’t watch TV) so he was very surprised when “all hell broke loose” after he signed Kim up for his movie:

“So, again, I don’t watch television, I didn’t know very much about Kim. Somebody said, ‘What about Kim Kardashian?’ and I said ‘Okay, sounds great,’ and then I get — all hell broke loose, man. She’s in a movie called ‘The Marriage Counselor’ and I found out she’s going through a divorce after a few days. I mean, all hell broke loose. Every black woman in America was after me for that. So the two things I realized would get me in trouble, hiring Kim Kardashian for a movie and dating you, so now I know two things that I can’t do. But no, she was great in the movie and it was a lot of fun.”

When Chelsea asked Tyler what were women tweeting to him, he responded:

They were tweeting, ‘Have you lost your mind? All of the black women that need work and you’re hiring Kim Kardashian?’ But when they see the movie they’ll see it’s a small role that I wrote for her and she did a great job in it. You’re gonna be surprised. You’ll call me up and say, ‘You know what? She did a really good job.’

Tyler definitely held his own in the interview with Chelsea.

Check out the video below:

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