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Screw Basketball Wives how about our new show FACEBOOK WIVES! WOW!

A corrections officer is facing BIGAMY CHARGES ( bigamy is the act of entering into a marriage with one person while still legally married to another. Bigamy is a crime in the United States) after authorities said a Washington woman using Facebook discovered that she and a potential “friend” were married to the same man at the same time. WTH!

Alan O’Neill used to go by the name of Alan Fulk. When he was known as ALAN FULK, he married a black woman named Ellenora (seen above) in 2001 but moved out on her in 2009.

He changed his last name from Alan Fulk to Alan O’Neill and married Teri-Wyatt (white woman above) BUT he never divorced the sistah Ellenora Fulk.

The first wife (sistah) first noticed O’Neill had moved on to another woman when Facebook suggested the friendship connection to wife Number 2 (white woman) under the “People You May Know” feature.

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