Estelle On Heartache:

”I Didn’t Have A Chance To Cry”

8:30PM ET January 24th, 2012

Contributor : Erica Moore

A Rocky Williform Company

R&B/hip hop starlet Estelle is prepping her new project All of Me for release, and in an interview with London’s Evening Standard, the songstress shared the pain of her recent breakup. Estelle says the hurt of that failed relationship makes it difficult for her to sing her Akon-penned single “Thank You,” and she reveals just how much trust she put into this man.

€œWhen I first met him I asked him not to mess with me. I asked him to be 100 per cent with me. Please! Three years down the line he did the exact opposite,” she said, as her voice begins to crack.œSo ‘Thank You’ is about growing up, turning into a woman and not being bitter. Not being angry at myself for choosing the wrong guy.”

€œMy American friends  an actress, a glasses designer, a school teacher and my homegirl’s came round and physically held me up,” she adds. “They took me bowling. I didn’ have a chance to cry; they wouldn’t let me. They kept telling me I did too good by him. €˜You’ve left him; f*** him!

€œI might have to prepare a ten-page questionnaire for each potential lover to answer,” she says with a laugh. “Otherwise I’m going to end up that girl who gets hurt again, gets depressed and starts drinking. And no one wants that to happen. It’d be a mess.

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