You and your husband walk into a restaurant hand in hand he see’s another woman he knows, says “Hey Girl” reaches for her gives her a hug, then a quick peck smack dab on the lips.  Would you say your husband is doing too much?  Would you want to kiss him after kissing a strange […]

Bad news for cheating guys: New findings suggest that males are not hardwired to want to sleep with as many women as possible. A study published in the Royal Society Open Science and reported by Reuters found that male promiscuousness isn’t a hardwired trait. Yep, there’s no natural code telling men to sleep with as […]

1. How loud you are. 2. How your boobs bounce. 3. Your weird sex face. 4. Pimples 5. How sweaty you get. 6. Your stubble. Read More

Topping your Valentine’s Day to-do list is likely a menagerie of items you’ll grab at your local drugstore—think cards, chocolates, maybe even a heart-shaped balloon or two. But what about moving boxes? According to one company’s anecdotal evidence, the romance holiday means booming business for movers. Read More

The University of Manchester recently turned its sexual research toward men and women in their 70s and older. Of the 7,000 people who responded to the survey, more than half of men and 31 percent of women said they were still sexually active. In fact, a full one third said they still get down and […]

1. “I don’t have my library card on me, but can I check you out?” 2. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m bad at pickup lines, so can I go down on you?” 3. “Is your name Google? Because you’re everything I’ve been searching for” 4. “Do you work at Subway?” Because you just gave […]

Sweet nothings. He talks about how she’s his dream girl, he’s never met anyone like her, how he wants to take her out on special dates, etc., but he backs it up with absolutely no actions. He says the most adorable things, falls off the map for just long enough to worry her but not […]

#LoveDilemma 1. Don’t nag 2. Respect their ego 3. Encourage them to take breaks You shouldn’t expect that your partner spends every single evening applying to jobs. 4. Remember it’s not always their fault 5. Motivate positively Read More

1. “My period’s late—by a day 2. “My ex used to…” 3. “Your mother is a monster.” Read More

Pro: Your friends are jealous Con: His friends are freaked out Pro: It encourages you to keep in shape Con: It pressures you to be in shape (your body isn’t capable at, say, 40 of what it was at, say, 20) Pro: He’ll want to have a lot of sex Con: He doesn’t totally know […]

Maybe in these cases.. You actually had a crush on his best friend first. Whether you met your guy’s best friend first or he was so hot he kind of blinded you to your boyfriend’s charms in the beginning, he probably doesn’t need to know. This is especially true if your stomach still swoops a […]

1. You’re super sick of being single. Been there, done that, considered dating—and did date—a less than desirable dude. Whether you’re still stinging from your last breakup or you’ve been single so long you’re not sure if sex is still in style, it can be really tempting to take the first guy who isn’t all […]