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You and your husband walk into a restaurant hand in hand he see’s another woman he knows, says “Hey Girl” reaches for her gives her a hug, then a quick peck smack dab on the lips.  Would you say your husband is doing too much?  Would you want to kiss him after kissing a strange woman?

A listener wrote in to ask Sam Sylk his advice about a similar situation.   The one thing that attracted her to her husband, now is repulsing her because her husband is such a good kisser.

Sam Sylk and his Reality Hour crew has just the right advice to help the Carmex poster child get himself together.  Check it out below.

Dear Sam

My husband and I dated for many years got engaged a little over a year ago so needless to say we are newly weds. My husband has always been a happy go lucky, knows everybody, greets everybody and even an inisint flirt most the time. One of the things that attracted to me to him was his bubbly, overly social personality but the way he greets people has got to change now that we are married. You see he is a hugger and when he see’s women he knows out and about he hugs them and kisses them on lips. Nothing romantic but still it’s on the lips. We had our first lil fight about this he says the kisses mean nothing not mention it wasn’t like a secret that he greeted folks that way, he said I never made it an issue before. Plus he doesn’t want people to think that he is acting funny now especially since I’m not that loving social bunny he is. I told him that we are married now, and it is just not a good look. Can you help us?