Trina’s Husband Finally Apologizes For His Infidelity. Was He Sincere? “Braxton Family Values” [RECAP]

Written by Sharde Gilliam on March 16, 2012 11:30 am

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After a long stint of infidelity which included cyber sexting, texting and chatting other women, Trina’s husband, Gabe, finally found it in his heart to apologize not just to Trina, but to the whole Braxton family.  In the real world, this would be a great gesture, and would show a lot of maturity on his part. However, leave it up to Gabe to add his own twist, and pick the most awkward time to give his apologetic speech.

The whole family is finally together and sit down to have dinner. Before anyone even gets a chance to take a bite of their food or a sip of their drink, Gabe stands up and tells the family that he wants to make a speech. He breaks out his note cards, stands up, clears his throat and begins. Some of the family members were listening to Gabe’s speech and seemed to be accepting of his apology while others like Toni have had enough of Gabe and his cheating ways. “She’s my sister.  When she hurts, I hurt,” Toni tells cameras.

As Gabe continues to read off the reasons why he apologetic to the family, Trina is bawling, and Tamar goes over to comfort her sister while trying to wipe her tears. “I think he got too much R&R… ratchet and ridiculousness!” Tamar tells cameras.

After Gabe finishes his apology, Trina tells her husband that she appreciates his attempt at an apology but wishes he would have taken it more seriously and done it at a more personal time instead of at dinner with the entire family, because she feels humiliated, yet again. Poor Gabe just can’t get it right can he?

Other than Gabe’s humiliating apology, Mommy and Doc meet up to discuss their relationship and Mommy tells him that she doesn’t think marriage at this time is a good idea. She breaks the news to her daughters, who are more relieved than disappointed. Toni gets a new management team, and new assistant, and has a private performance in Utah which she nails and Trina and Towanda meet up to discuss Trina’s crazy relationship with Gabe.

Now you be the judge, do you think Gabe’s’ apology was sincere? Original Story