The Ohio Department of Children and Family Services and the Lorain Police Department are investigating a family after a 3-year-old wandered off in the middle of the night.

According to Lorain Police, five children between the ages of 2 and 10-years-old were found living in filthy conditions after a 3-year-old girl wandered to her neighbor’s home Wednesday crying for her mother around 12 a.m.

Police were called out to the 1800 block of E. 31st Street and met with the neighbor and toddler.

Officers returned the child to her home on E.31st Street and upon arrival, located two babysitters who said they thought all of the children were sleeping upstairs.

Officers went to the second level of the home and saw piles of debris, trash and what appeared to be animal feces. There was also a child sleeping on a bare mattress and three kids sleeping on the floor.

One of the two babysitters was arrested for an outstanding warrant. Police called the children’s mother, but she wouldn’t tell them her whereabouts because she too had an outstanding warrant out for her arrest.

The child’s father was advised of the incident when he returned home from work later that day.

Lorain Police referred the case to Children and Family Services. It’s unknown if the children were taken away from the home.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News