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19 Action News is learning more about a sleazy story inside city hall. Someone was apparently trying to hire a young man for a bizarre, kinky job.

The police report sounds like something you’d see in a nightclub but instead it happened in Cleveland City Hall — near a security checkpoint.

A well dressed man approached young looking 21 year old and told him he had a job proposition.

The freaks said he likes little boys and young men said he wanted to tickle the guy’s a feet. he also said he’d pay cash for the chance to do it.

19 Action News is protecting the 21-year old victim’s identity……

“He said he had a business proposition and was well dressed up.”

“I asked him what it was. He said I have a thing for younger guys. I was like Oh OK. He asked me are you interested? I was like Oh No. He wanted me to tickle him for money.”

“I look like I’m 15. There’s has to be kids out here that are 15 years old 13 years old that could be raped — you never know.”

The man in the suit said he wanted to tickle the other guy’s feet with a feather. He got arrested but a city prosecutor ruled no charges.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News