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Dating….. What sounds like a fun and easy way to get to know someone has become an experience like Michael Clarke Duncan taking that final walk on Green Mile.  Okay I may be exaggerating a little bit, but this is WHACK!!! There are so many things wrong with the dating game these days that I can not pinpoint just one thing, so I’ll break it down it into three parts.  But first I think I should show you how I’ve been feeling lately when I date different women and I could think of no better example than this famous scene from one of my favorite movies Coming to America:

My Problems With Dating:

1. The person that you are on the date with aren’t who they say they are–  We all have heard this before “You aren’t dating the person, you’re dating their representative.” You usually don’t find out that this person is a convicted felon five times over until 7 months down the line depending on how good of an actor your date is. Too many people just aren’t real anymore.

2. Women are starting to accept dates even though they aren’t interested in the man– Who does that????  I call this the “Broke, Lonely & Desperate Rule”.  Some women are so desperate to say that they went on a date that they will accept dinner, movies, and other gifts from a man they have absolutely no interest in.  This is classless, plain and simple.  Put yourself in that person’s shoes:  would you want someone to lead you on?   And if nothing else think about this:  Do you really want this man, who you don’t like, to think that you really do?  STALKER WARNING!!!!

3.  Time spent can never be regained–  Nothing is worse than feeling like you wasted your time.  A lot of the dates I’ve gone on recently have made me feel like gargling glass would’ve been a better use of my time and unfortunately I can’t get that time back.  I’m sure you have experienced this before.  The worst part of it all is that you normally don’t find out that the person you decided to go out with has the personality of a snail until you’re at the restaurant…. Its a shame.

I am, however, a hopeless romantic and I believe that dating is well worth the time and effort with the right one.  The process though has become almost unbearable!  With that being said,  I’ve got a couple of dates lined up this week so…. PRAY FOR ME!

I want to know what you think!  Do you hate dating too?  Do you agree or disagree with me?  Comment below…






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