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Tiger Woods to Renew His Wedding Vows

By Dr. Boyce Watkins, PhD on Apr 6th 2010 10:09AM

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Golfing superstar Tiger Woods is reportedly set to renew his vows with wife Elin Nordegren after he plays in the Masters tournament this week. The claim follows reports that Nordegren stormed out of Woods’ house last week, stating that she does not plan to attend the upcoming tournament.

Woods’ return to the Masters has been one of the most celebrated events in recent sports history. He did his first press conference on Monday, candidly answering questions about his personal and professional endeavors.

Tiger Woods has been followed by controversy over the past few months, where he is expected to have as many as 90 bodyguards protecting him from mistresses of the past. One of his most outspoken mistresses, Josyln James, is a porn star who doesn’t seem to believe that Woods can do anything right. In a very public campaign, James has asked that Woods apologize to her personally and acknowledge their relationship. She also says that she and Tiger got together for sex just 10 days after his daughter was born. In James’ words, Tiger Woods is “a big, fat liar.”

Pop-eater columnist Robert Shuter said that a Woods insider told him this:”Tiger knows this will be the most important event of his life. If he has any chance of winning back his fans, and more importantly sponsors, he has to play his best game ever. Then, to strike while the iron is hot, he plans on renewing his wedding vows and finally putting a period at the end of this horrid sentence in his life.”

I agree with Shuter that Tiger Woods must nail the Masters like never before. A victory in this tournament would immediately catapult him back to the top of his profession and help him to regain his corporate sponsorships. It will also help the world to see a new, stronger and more battle tested Tiger Woods than the one they’ve seen in the past. Even the goatee that Tiger wore during the press conference the other day was a telling and symbolic representation of the fact that his corporate brand is going to be changed forever.    More…

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