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Tupac may be coming to a city near you. In a move that’s unlikely to put rumors the late rapper is still alive to rest, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are considering taking the hologram that performed at Coachella on tour, WSJ reports.

The two rap heavyweights were pleased with the hologram’s performance Sunday, as the rebirth of one of the most beloved rappers of all time became the most buzzed about incident of the entire weekend.

The Wall Street Journal article also notes that the projection of Pac isn’t a true hologram, as its a 2D image. Digital Domain, the company behind the performance, also did the Oscar-winning visuals in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” For the Coachella performance, they used a technique originated in 1862, in which an image is bounced off of the ground onto an invisible screen.

On Sunday, Tupac really appeared to be on the stage, rapping along to “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “Hail Mary” and name checking Coachella while hyping up the audience. When Snoop Dogg appeared on stage beside the rapper, the Tupac image would turn to him and gesture in his direction.

Judging from the comments section on our post on the performance, many viewers were blown away by the realistic nature of Pac’s mannerisms. One common criticism, however, was that the projection was about as tall as Snoop Dogg, when Tupac was much shorter than Snoop in real life.

Sources in the Journal article said that Dr. Dre had a “massive vision” for Pac’s projection. Both an arena tour and a more intimate, club tour were being considered at the time of this writing.

The “hologram” already has its own Twitter account, so perhaps it can keep us updated on its tour dates there.

Would you go and pay for tickets to see Tupac’s Hologram on stage?  Comment below…

Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post


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