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The Basketball Wives drama moved from TV to Twitter this week! Royce Reed and her boyfriend, Dezmond Briscoe’s baby mama Christina Nero, put all their business in the street over some raunchy sexting! The drama gets even deeper with rumors of a wedding!

Unfortunately for Royce it seems Christina was telling the truth about Dez. But before we get to that…check out the beef!

Soooo…Christina fired off several tweets & pics to Royce to prove that Dez has been sexting her all along…

You know lil-bit was not gonna take that sitting down soooo Royce hit back with this…

Lmao at the thirst bcuz Dezmon is with me! Crazy BMs, 1 night stands, etc. Did he not say he had baggage last night? I’m used 2 it! 😁


Royce Reed

Royce even posted the pic below ASKING Dez point blank if he’d been banging Christina…

But after silently watching the catfight go down via Twitter, Dez finally admitted he’d been sleeping with Christina all along.

Check out the twitter bombshell he dropped…

Royce reacted to the news with this…

Even after all of this drama, the two are allegedly planning to get married.

Oh you can Thank Basketball Wives psycho, alter ego having co-star Kenya Bell for leaking that news…

@BridgeKhalifa I swear people make up stuff. @Roycelr is in love and getting married now.


Kenya Bell
Oopsie!!! Lol Well Congrats!

 One for the haters! “@

Roycelr: @KenyaBell thx Kenya but I think u just let the cat out the bag lol”


Kenya Bell

I tell you!!! I don’t know what’s worse this drama or pimp slap and lawsuit with Jen! CLICK to read that scoop! or RHOA Sheree leaving the show cause it’s too “CATTY”…hell it was built on CATTY! CLICK… SMDH!

What do you think about this mess? Should she marry Dez after all of this drama?

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