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Keyshia Cole and her family are back with a new reality tv show and yes tis includes are new family and her her crazy momma Frankie!  Frankie is back on TV right alongside her daughter, Keyshia Cole, and her son-in-law and grandbaby in a new BET series, “Family First.

This time around, the show is a little less reality TV and a little more documentary like as a six-part series following Keyshia’s new life as wife of NBA player Daniel Gibson, and mother to their son DJ. We’ll also be caught up on Keyshia’s music, footage of her Hawaii dream wedding last May, and insight into her more vulnerable side.

Where there’s Frankie, there could quite possibly be Neffe but since the show just started production it’s too soon to say. All we do know is “Family First” is set to air sometime this fall.

Are you looking forward to this? Via Madame Noire!

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