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How did Jill Scott get Tamar and Towanda Braxton fired up over a simple comment about Mary Mary on twitter?

The other night, the Braxton sister’s straight came for Jill Scott after she tweeted about Mary Mary’s new show, which just happens to be on the same network and timeslot as Braxton’s Family Values. After watching the show, Jill tweeted:

Jill Scott: Please watch Mary Mary on WE tv. Finally a real representation. Yay!!!!!!!!!

Tamar, sensing some shade, retweeted Jill’s comment and added:

Of freakin what?

*gets in her feelings* She won’t go there*she won’t go there*she won’t go there* she won’t go there*she prays and waits* “

When one of Tamar’s followers, tweeted: “I LIKE YOU AND ALL BUT DON’T GO THERE WITH JILL HONEY..THAT’S JILL SCOTT..”, Tamar responded:

“She went there! Read

Tamar wasn’t the only Braxton sister showing out over Jill’s comment. Towanda jumped on her page and tweeted:

Finally realizing how folk hate on [Braxton Family Values]…..Get a life! .[responding to a twitter follower] Child get it together.. because when you attack a Braxton, we get it ALL IN! Try it!!

[responding to a twitter follower] suga…opinions we can handle but black shade against black shade I can not!! We should all stick 2gether or say nothing!Suga, we know there is no competition and I applaud females doing their thing but the shade is apparent!

TOWANDA called it shade….AND….I get crunk when folk talk about harming my family!! ALL of this is very agley!!! never mad boo…just disappointed that people can’t respect family!!

Jill Scott’s only comment to Tamar was:

u can’t be speaking to me.

She also added:

Ok grow all the way up people. Just because I love oranges doesn’t mean I HATE apples.

Unless there is some other undercover shade going on, Tamar and Towanda may be a little sensitive. It didn’t seem as though Jill was taking personal shots at the Braxton sisters, rather than a shot at ‘Basketball Wives’, since folks have been trying to boycott that show all season.

Meanwhile, Tamar doesn’t really seem as though she’s too happy about the Mary Mary show to begin with. Every Thursday she tweets that ‘Thursdays are not the same’ and everyone should watch ‘Scandal’. When her followers noticed that she didn’t really have anything nice to say about Mary Mary’s show, she was questioned if she would support other African American artists that are on WETV, and she responded:

why I feel like you have your shades on???? I actually do… my girl @kimkimble show will be on soon! #staplecenterseats


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