With so much controversy surrounding the VH1 show “Basketball Wives” I just had to put my two cents in.  I am not a fan of the show….. at all.

First of all, I can’t understand why the show is even called Basketball “Wives” anyway since NONE of the cast members are married and only half of the cast members have EVER been married to an actual basketball player. The other half are just ex girlfriends/baby mamas of basketball players, so since we can just name shows with incorrect titles I’m going to start my own show and call it “Matt Myers: Husband of Every Fine Actress in Hollywood”.  Second, if you’ve ever watched the show then you know its full of ratchetness, 35+  year old grown women fighting, bottles/drinks flying, & nothing positive whatsoever.  So when I heard a recent report that the show was in trouble, I admittedly did not shed a tear, But….

I am against this boycott against Evelyn Lozada.  Why you ask? Because singling out one cast member (even though she is arguably the worst of the bunch) is counter productive in my opinion.  If Evelyn were to go do you think the nonsense would stop? Hell no! Would African American women be uplifted by the shining examples of Tammy, Royce, Jennifer, & Shaunie? HELL NO! So my point is the show itself  and every spinoff/hybrid/movie must go, not just one cast member.

What happened to shows like “My Wife & Kids”, “Family Matters”, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “Martin”, & “Living Single”?  Did we get tired of watching African Americans in a positive light?  Or do network execs believe that we wont support those type of shows anymore?  Regardless, we need to support the shows where we are empowered like ABC’s “Scandal” starring the gorgeous Kerry Washington and for you ladies Columbus Short.  If we turn off the ratchetness then networks will have to react and reasess.  So stop the Evelyn boycott and just don’t watch the show at all if you want to make a difference.

Let me know what you think: