Is a sex tape really a scandal if the people in it are sexy? Yes, ponder that.

Apparently the Tyson Beckford sex tape we reported on earlier does exist! It’s being shopped around the usual suspects (distributors in the adult entertainment industry aka: porn studios).

But of course there’s controversy behind the whole thing.  (Yes, duh, it’s a sex tape!) Beckford’s ex-girl allegedly came forward with the video of the model pleasuring himself during an Internet chat with a female model.

Beckford isn’t even denying the existence of the tape. In fact, he jests about the tape via Twitter, saying it’s not much of a tarnish to his name.

“Don’t even faze me (sic), we all do it, just mine got caught on film… sad that it was a woman who had it to release it! I don’t even care…. Sad but life goes on… sad what women will do for $.” Beckford also admitted, “Not much of a sex tape lol,” he tweeted.

During the tape, Beckford allegedly discusses the movies in which he’s appeared and his co-stars. He also mentions how much he hates being compared to Tyrese Gibson.

But Gibson’s got nothin’ but love for him, though. On Twitter he expressed his appreciation for Beckford. “What folks don’t know is that Tyson opened the door for me to model…!!”

via EURWeb

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