I don’t watch fake, scripted TV shows featuring dysfunctional, attention-seeking women. But celebrity blogger Snitch posted a recap on her blog, and apparently, Tami Roman (this season’s instigator) apologized on Twitter for being a (paid) bully on the show.

Here’s how urban reality TV shows work: every season one of the cast members is chosen to be the instigator. This season it’s Tami’s turn — and her kids are catching heat for their mother’s actions (or I should say her bad acting).

tami implores the show’s gullible viewers to leave her daughters alone because they are not cast members (or they would be acting ratchet too). Tami stopped just short of admitting that the show is all fun and games (as long as she’s being paid and nobody gets hurt.).

Watch the full episode after the break, and read Tami’s tweets from last night on

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