So whose fault was it when 7-year old rapper Mir Money was brought to tears on the stage of “America’s Got Talent“? Howard Stern was the one critiquing the little boy, who came out and rapped, but he was actually saying kind words when the youngster broke down into tears.

The Wall Street Journal thinks the producers should have never sent the little boy out there to face the judges and the audience in the first place. Both Stern and Sharon Osbourne hit their “X” buttons during his performance, which was clearly not up to the level of talent needed to go to the next round.

But when Mir Money burst into tears after Howard told him he was brave to even go on, the judge rushed up to the stage to hug the boy. No one wants to see a child cry, and to be the one responsible for the tears is even worse. “This job is too rough for me,” Stern said after the emotional moment. “I don’t really want to do it anymore.”

Should producers be more responsible with child acts like this — not putting them through unless they’re absolutely dynamite — or is it an accurate reflection of the world of show business? One thing that didn’t help was the audience booing Stern, even though he was trying to be encouraging to the boy, as pointed out by Zap2It.

Probably simply because of how horrible he felt in that uncomfortable moment, Stern momentarily tried to get Mir Money sent through to the next round, but the other judges intervened. The rejection would’ve only been worse if he had lasted longer on the show.

To see the footage, click on the link below:

Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post