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Dream-Hampton quits twitter

You would think posting a photo of her daughter, Nina, with Beyonce backstage after her Revel concert this past weekend would be harmless enough. But when Dream Hampton did that last night, she received an unexpectedly nasty backlash. It wasn’t the kind that’s been directed at Michelle Obama for taking her daughter’s to Bey’s concerts or being a fan of the singer, the Beyhive and Beyonce stans on Twitter and Tumblr were much more brutal, taunting Dream’s daughter for her looks.

The hateful comments were enough to make Dream Hampton pull the plug on Twitter account, but not before fully explaining why:

“Because someone tumbld a pic of my daughter w/Bey, which I posted on FB, which I try to keep private, I’m now dealing w/tweets like these…These are early 20 something Beyonce stans coming for my teenager. I’m done here. It’s been real. Let me shut down this Twitter account. I’ve been wanting to for a while. It’s been real.

“I posted a pic of my daughter & our friend Beyonce on my very private Facebook page. Everyday, I turn down “friend” requests on FB. I turn them down because I post pics of my daughter on FB for family and friends I actually know. Twitter is a more public space for me. On Twitter, I refer to my daughter as “awesome daughter” because she is, and because I’m private. I don’t know if I don’t know how to set whatever new privacy settings you have to set on Facebook, but that pic ended up on a tumblr. I don’t search tumblr, or even know if you can search tumblr, but I Twitter search my own name pretty frequently at least twice a week…

“Last night, after tweeting abt summer reading lists & the challenging day I had to face today, I searched my name on Twitter. What I found was a Bey “stan” page who’d tweeted the pic of my daughter and Bey from some other Bey “stan” tumblr w/the comment “ewww”…This Twitter Bey stan later reposted the same pic on Twitter w/my daughter cropped out, then RT’d s’one’s comment abt being grateful+..”ugly girl” was cropped out. I tweeted this Beyonce “stan” asking how the fuk they got the pic (I hadnt made the connection to the tumblr) + …and asked them to remove the pic. This stan, of course, RT’d my irate tweet, tweeted she was dying of laughter & a bunch of her 7K + …fellow stans tweeted me. One began following me and when I immediately blocked her, called my daughter an Ugly a** in all caps. For those of you who know me, you know I’m not really here for you to be tweeting me, in all kaps, what an ugly a** my child is. Like, I’m really not here for that.

“I talked to Beyonce after her last show last night, we were worried Nina would see Beyonce’s so called fans calling a teenager ugly and Bey+ decided to remind my daughter what she thinks of her. So Beyposted the pic of my daughter & her on her tumblr & wrote “beautiful princess”…I’ve made amazing connections on Twitter, have been intellectually stimulated and have discovered amazing thinkers. But yes, I’m done. My leaving Twitter is not blog worthy. I wasn’t “run off” by a few people calling themselves Beyonce stans. Or whatever. But I am good on social media, and the access it affords nuts, and the false intimacy that created boundary crossing. I’ve had false Twitter exits before, this isn’t one of them. Wishing you all love. I’m so grateful for all these replies. Twitter has always been more loving than hateful, but more distracting than anything. For the last time…I’m not leaving Twitter because I was ran off. The Isht is turning into Myspace and I’m good. Ok, Peace. Free Mumia.”

In other words, these people should be ashamed. Nothing about this situation is really specific to Beyonce. In the last few months we’ve seen way too many examples of twitter fandom gone too far, particularly the Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche Tran brigade, but in this instance stans weren’t even defending Bey, they were just being hateful and succumbing to mean girl culture.

Leaving Twitter was probably the smartest thing Dream could do; e-balls is a real phenomenon and sometimes the only thing you really can do is block out the e-nonsense, permanently.

What do you think about this situation as a whole?

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