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On top of being on the cover of its latest issue with her fellow reality “role models,” Vibe magazine has also given Evelyn Lozada the role of guest editor for the month, and I’m assuming part of the agreement was for the basketball wife to get her own shine in an interview completely about her.

In a quick Q&A, Evelyn talks about her new book, Inner Circle: The Wives Association, how she handles so-called haters who question her as an author, and what lessons, if any, she learned from the show. But more importantly, the mag asked her if she can manage to be in the same room with Jen now without acting a fool. Here’s what she said:

“I think so. A lot was happening during that time. I’m one of those people, I said some things and I was just like, that was not cool. I live by loyalty and I feel like at that point I broke the friend code. I should have never broken that code and I should have never stooped down to that level. Like, if she wants to do interviews and slick comments, it is what it is. I don’t hate her. People just get caught up in this industry; you do interviews and say certain things. I truly don’t wish her anything negative, we’ve gone through a lot together as friends from moving out, men drama, all types of stuff. It’s just tough having to relive it then talk about it. You never have that time for healing. But now that the show is done and things are calming down, I’m not angry anymore about it and I don’t hate her at all. I don’t really hate anybody, I was just upset how things were handled.”

So does that mean she might actually miss Jen—even though I think it’s pretty clear Jen is not trying to be around her ever again in life?

“I miss her,” Evelyn said. “We were friends for 10 years. I was in her wedding, so you know yeah, and you’re thinking you guys are going to do this show together, your BFF, and then your kind of like what happened? And we are mutual friends with a lot of people, so everything else became weird energy. It was tough.”

But before you go thinking Evelyn may have come to her senses and has a heart—not that any of us were really thinking that—she went left again when she was asked about the naysayers for her book, which is essentially a literary form of “Basketball Wives.”

“I’ve learned, especially from Chad, that controversy is good. Nothing phases him and he’s like, ‘Why do you care?’ I’ve learned a lot of him: the more popular and more successful you become, the more haters and the more attorneys you need [laughs].

“You can’t do this and be sensitive. For example, you know Suzie [Ketcham], she gets a lot of s*** from the show. After she films the show, she doesn’t watch it or go on Twitter. She’s like, ‘I don’t know how you deal with it.’ I’ve accepted that this is a part of my life and apart of my world now. The more the show became popular, and I started dating Chad, and I got engaged to Chad, it’s been like chaos. I’m never going to hide and I’m always one of those people that say TV can be a gift and a curse, and at the same time it’s opened up a lot of doors for me that I never would have imagined.

“I can look at [the show] and say, Maybe I shouldn’t have handled it like that. Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown that bottle at Kenya, you know what I mean? If I’m blessed to be on TV for another five seasons, you won’t see Evelyn doing that. I’ve learned from that situation. Me and Tami do get a lot of heat because we are straight forward and in your face and controversial. It’s not always positive, but I know we can look back and say, ‘You know what, b****, that wasn’t cool.’”

Let’s just hope we don’t see her on TV for another five seasons period.

Could you ever reconcile with Ev if you were Jen?

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