It’s rainy a tad heavy in Evelyn Lozada land right now. Not only has the “Basketball Wives” star been dealing with all sorts of backlash for her behavior this season, now her man has lost his job.

News hit late yesterday that Chad Ochochinco was released from the New England Patriots. When I heard the news all I could think of was how eerily similar Chad’s dismissal is to Lamar Odom being moved to the Mavericks then cut from the team mid-season. I know Chad’s performance fell off a bit from what it was when he was a Bengal but I’m thinking pro-ball teams don’t play this reality TV drama mess.

Evelyn appears to be unphased by the news. She sent a tweet to her fiancé saying:

“Aww baby you got cut @ochocinco I got your back! I’m the bread winner now, which means I make the rules! #Boom”

Chad joked about being with Evelyn for her money on an episode of “Basketball Wives” this past season but that might end up being the reality in a roundabout way. I know this happens to couples everyday but there were already speculations about just how strong their relationship was. I wonder if Chad and Evelyn can weather the storm. What do you think?

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