*He may not be the first person you think of but J. Anthony Brown is doing his part to make the world a better place … for hot sauce lovers.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show co-host is set to officially launch his line of gourmet hot sauces at this year’s Essence Music Festival, which takes place from July 5 – 8 in New Orleans. Taking a page out of the book of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, Brown has assembled a pair of superheroes to help promote his “Hotter Than a MoFo,” cayenne, peach ‘n pepper, garlic and habanero flavor hot sauces.

“I have two superheroes that I use,” the comedian shared with EUR’s Lee Bailey. “Kinda like people for the hot sauce, the “Hotter Than a MoFo” man and a “Hotter Than a MoFo” lady who dress in superhero outfits and pass the flyers and directing people to the tents.”

The launch of Brown’s gourmet hot sauces is the end result of a venture the funnyman says started “eight or nine” years ago. According to Mr. Brown, the business came about as nothing more than a gimmick that grew legs while giving the hot sauce out at comedy clubs he performed in.

“When I started it, I found out that there was a hot sauce company that would put your picture on the (hot sauce) packaging. And I would send it to the club. Like, say I played a club, so I would send a case of hot sauce,” Brown revealed. “It was very inexpensive, just my way of saying thanks, you know, maybe less than $2. I could send everybody a bottle of hot sauce. And I would send it to the club that I played.

“It kinda got to the point where people started asking for it. ‘Where is my hot sauce? Can I get some more of the hot sauce?… So that’s how I got in to it,’ continued the entertainer, who added that “Hotter Than a MoFo” is his hottest hot sauce. “I came up with two different, a couple of ideas. Like I wanted a really, really really hot sauce, which is hotter Than a MoFo. And the peach and pepper is an idea that I had that I came up with. What would these flavors be like?”

With the official debut of the hot sauces at the Essence festival, Brown is looking to build upon the buzz of his newest venture. Festivalgoers can sample the products inside and outside the convention center where the event will take place. In addition, the actor/comedian, who has participated in four or five hot sauce conventions. Already has Bi-Lo stores in the New Jersey area on board selling the products.

“It’s just a way to let a lot of people at one time know about my hot sauce and make myself visible and sell the product,” Brown stated of his Essence Festival appearances.

“I turned to hot sauce just as a gimmick, something to give to people. And then I started getting a lot of calls, people wanting more. So I thought ‘This would be a great little venture to go into.’ And it’s been pretty good.”

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