RANDALLSTOWN – The mother of a teen who died after allegedly getting into a fight with an off-duty Baltimore County police officer is speaking out about her son’s death.

Simply put, the mother of 17-year-old Christopher Brown says her son was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police aren’t releasing many details about what happened Wednesday night.  They say the officer was at his home in Woodlawn when he heard a bang at his door and saw a few teens running off.  After seeing his front door damaged, police say the officer started to chase the teens.  Brown’s mother says she doesn’t believe her son was part of that group.

“His friend said he spotted a group of kids on the other side of the street,” she said.  “Christopher walked toward that and all of the sudden something broke out, like the running, and that’s the part I don’t understand.”

Police say the officer confronted Brown on Carthage Road and Brown took off running.  They say Brown then hid in some bushes and refused to come out.  That’s when they say the fight started, and Brown became unconscious.  Brown was taken to Northwest Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Brown’s mother says she learned of her son’s death five hours after it happened.  She says they wouldn’t let her identify his body.  Instead, they called school officials from Randallstown High school, where Brown goes to school.

“I just want to lay my eyes on him.  I just wanted to see if there were any bruises, you know what I mean?” Brown’s mother said.  “Because I don’t want them to cover stuff up.  I don’t want them to push this under the carpet.”

The officer involved in this incident has been identified as Officer Laboard, a 9 year veteran of the force. He has been placed on administrative leave.

Article Courtesy of WMAR ABC 2 News Baltimore