Most couples will go to just about any length possible to make sure they maintain a satisfying sex life, but one husband & wife who appeared on TLC’s Strange Sex may win the prize for the most bizarre form of foreplay anyone has ever taken part in. FYI, it aint the couple you see above lol!

In order to help fix his erectile dysfunction and keep things hot, Michelle actually breastfeeds her husband Jeff to make sure he climaxes. Yes — she breastfeeds him — as in he latches on and drinks the milk as it starts flowing as if he were a hungry baby.

And this isn’t a one time deal, because Jeff’s been getting his milk on for a year and a half! (Let me guess — you just threw up in your mouth a little bit, right?)

Take a look at the video clip here to see Jeff describe his first encounter with being “fed” by his wife — and try not to laugh when she walks up to him and says, “The faucet’s on.”
via BMS