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  1. The 9 Worst Reasons to Get Married

    By Babble.com | Love + Sex – 9 hours ago

    1. To Please Your Parents
    Yes, your parents would feel better knowing you had someone to help take care of you. But enough about you, they really want grandchildren.

When two people are deeply in love, marriage seems like the obvious answer. But let’s not kid ourselves, people marry for reasons other than love every day. If you’re ready to march down the aisle and find yourself wondering what’s love got to do with it, return the bridal shower gifts and reconsider. Seriously, no china pattern is worth a lifetime of unhappiness. If there’s even the slightest reason of doubt in your head, that’s probably tell-tale sign for you there. Here are 9 reasons you should probably call off the wedding right now!  Click for the rest of story

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