When “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” first aired, cast member K. Michelle was respectful of her ex-boyfriend Memphitz and his wife, Toya Wright, attempting not to air too much dirty laundry from their supposedly violent relationship. Internet gossip being what is is, it didn’t take much for people to put the pieces together, but K. Michelle still tried to deflect the attention and any speculation that Memphitz might be abusing Toya by saying that different women bring different things out of men. Several episodes later, the niceties have subsided and K. Michelle is done playing nice. In an interview with Power 107.5 she had this to say about Toya:

“I’m very proud with everything she’s accomplished, but the constant jabs and talking bad about a woman that you’ve never seen in your life. It’s okay to ride or die for your man, but know what you’re riding for.

“I really have had a lot of respect for Toya, but when you start to bash another woman who you’ve never seen, then you lose my respect.”

That was just the PG reaction to Toya Wright. During a live-screening of Monday night’s show in NYC, she said a little bit more than she lost respect for Toya:

“I just got on the show basically to tell my story. I had been telling it. It wasn’t something that I just started to tell when the show came on. It’s just that they just started giving a f**k. I’ve been saying help me for a long a**time. And didn’t nobody care what I been through. So now all of a sudden it’s like wow, she’s doing this for the show.

“I tried to do it the right way, I didn’t say any names. And even when people rebuttaled and did things to me, I still tried to keep it pimping. But Ima tell you one thing…if you wasn’t in that room, you need to shut the f**k up. And Ima tell you one more thing…if I don’t come at you, then you don’t come for me because my story is my story. So, I don’t care if that’s your husband or not because at the end of the day, you look package drunk. That’s what you look…package drunk. You need to be quiet because ain’t nobody came for you. I let you be a woman, I let you do what you needed to do as a woman. I’m happy about your hair, your books. We all need to stick together as women. But what you won’t do…you can be ride or die for your man but don’t be riding for a cause that you don’t know s**t about.”

OK, then. I’m not sure how Toya will come back on that note—or what she even said to prompt that type of reaction to begin with—but K. Michelle clearly did not mince words about how she feels. Toya is in an interesting position though. If she doesn’t defend her husband, then she looks like an abuse victim herself, but K. Michelle is right about one thing. Toya can only speak on what is or isn’t happening in her own marriage. When it comes to the real deal between Memphitz and K. Michelle, only those two know what actually happened.

What do you think about what she said? Is she right about Toya?

via MadameNoire

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