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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -A Cleveland woman is on a crusade to free Jimmy Dimora just as the kingpin in the County Corruption Investigation solicits money to get out of prison.Dimora is a career politician so asking other people for money is what he does best. 19 Action News tracked down the law firm who’s behind this and they say it is legitimate and 100% of the money will go toward Jimmy Dimora’s appeal.

We’ve asked for our own copy of Dimora’s fundraising letter but were told we can’t have it. So we got  a version from the Plain Dealer. It’s Dimora basically crying foul to his friends and family and asking for money. In it he says, “it is my genuine belief that I deserve a fighting chance in appealing my conviction.” He goes on to say, “over the past four years, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to learn just how extremely expensive it is to properly defend yourself against the government’s jabs and punches.”  He then asks for donations no smaller than $100. And you can bet people will do it.

“Because I’ve known Jimmy since I was 8 years old,” said Jayne Holycross.

Janye Holycross is working on getting Jimmy freed as well. She plans to sell “Free Dimora t-shirts”, hold fundraiser’s and she wants people to start writing letters to President Barack Obama.

“We want President Obama to pardon Jimmy because quite frankly if he wants to carry Cuyahoga County in the next election I believe that it would be imperative that he set Jimmy free,” said Jayne Holycross.

Holycross says Jimmy is innocent.

“Frank Russo was the crook, Jimmy was just a politician,” said Jayne Holycross. “Lets just get him home where he belongs.”

So if you think Jimmy should be free too and would like to donate, CLICK HERE.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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