Sequins are not just for the evening. (Credit: Getty Images)

Sequins are no longer just for evening dresses or extravagant events. You can rock a little “bling-bling” without going overboard. Here are some tips for some successful ways to wear a little glitter gear!

Mix your sequins with something more casual. A pair of jeans for example make for a perfect compliment. to a sequined top or shoe. Try rolling up your jeans to show off your sequins. If you opt to wear a sequined top, try wearing it with a nice blazer.

Try sequined accessories with non-sequined clothes. Who says you have to wear sequins with sequined accessories? That rule does not apply. Try a sequined purse with those jeans or a pair of sequined shoes with a denim skirt. Balance out your ensemble with some sequined earrings and you are ready for a party.

Sequined accessories can be worn with non-sequined clothing. The look is a wonderful one. (Credit: Getty Images)

Sequined shorts are perfect for day wear! Face it; we all look good in shorts and would look stellar in sequined shorts! So this summer, hit the consignment shop and find a great pair of sequined shorts and rock them with a great and oversized t-shirt!

Sequined shorts are great for a day out on the town. (Credit: Getty Images)

So no matter what your style, spice it up with a little glitter gear and wear it during your day as well as your evening.

Watch the video below for additional ideas on how to incorporate sequins in your day wear!

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