It is a fact: food prices are high and healthy foods are expensive. However, you can enjoy all of the benefits of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to save money on healthy and nutritious food.

When it comes to food preparation, do Your Own prep. Sure it’s nice to purchase your pre-cut salads or vegetables, ready to be cooked and then eaten, but you are spending more for that luxury. Try purchasing a head of lettuce and cutting up the leaves yourself. If you want to save time for those future meals, then spend time cleaning, washing an chopping your produce. Get some plastic bags or baggies and containers and fill with your fresh cut fruits and veggies so they’ll be easy to grab throughout the week.

When it comes to purchasing those healthy and dried pastas and noodles, they not only come with a hefty price tag, but lots of sodium. So to cut costs and your sodium intake, consider buying your own plain rice and noodles, and adding your own herbs and spices to increase flavor while decreasing your grocery bill. Why not try garlic, fresh grated Parmesan and olive oil into plain brown rice rather than buying already seasoned. You will find that you will save lots of money.

It is true…when you are hungry and you choose to go grocery shopping, you tend to overspend and purchase food items on impulse. So before you hit your favorite food store, eat before you go food shopping. Try a nice low calorie meal of wheat crackers and cheese before hitting the store of if you are going shopping first thing in the morning, don’t skip that wonderful breakfast. Then upon arrival at the store, you will spend money on great food items and stay within your budget.


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