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Fourth of July celebrations are fun and festive times with friends and family. From the fireworks to the BBQ, fun, games and countless activities, Fourth of July parties are great to have whether they be huge or small gatherings. This Save Money Monday, we will discuss great tips for creating a wonderful and memorable Fourth of July celebration for whomever is expecting you to be host of this tremendously epic and fun holiday!

1. Buy your ground beef and meats in bulk remembering that you can always freeze what you don’t eat. Try a retailer that sells bulk foods and stock up on great savings on meat and foods. If you do not have a warehouse club membership, try to search for coupons online and check your local store’s weekly sales flyer. More than likely there will be specials on hamburger meat, hot dogs and others foods that are great for grilling for the Fourth of July.

2. Take advantage of savings when it comes to snacks for the party. For example, watch specials on “buy one and get one free” on potato chips, pretzels, fruit bowls and other side items for your celebration.

3. You are definitely bound to find great savings on soda pops and juices. Most of the time, these items come in packages of 10, 20 or even greater quantities. If soda pops are not your “thing”, consider juice packs and stir up some fun with homemade lemonade or fruit punch. For an added twist, add fruit for the children and a touch of alcohol for the adults.

4. For the entertainment, consider asking your friends and family members to bring their favorite games. If your party-goers bring what they love to do during a BBQ, they are more inclined to have a great time. For example, ask someone to bring a deck of cards while you commission another group of friends to bring a board game or some music. Share the responsibility of the fun; all are inclined to help.

5. Consider plastic cups, dishes and utensils, as paper products can cost more money. Plastic is a great way to save the environment and money. After its use, fill up your sink with a combination of bleach and hot water so that the dishes can soak and be disinfected. Allow the dishes to air dry in a place within your kitchen.

Watch the video below for additional money-saving decorating ideas and tips when it comes to Fourth of July celebrations:

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