Now that the Republican National Convention has wrapped up, its time to take a look back at some of the speeches and key moments from the event.  Regardless of who you support, it’s important to be informed on where both sides stand.

Vice Presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, provided the energy the RNC crowd was looking for with his speech on Wednesday night.  He attacked President Obama repeatedly on what he called “a failure to deliver”.  Watch his full speech here:

One of the most bizarre moments of the convention was when actor Clint Eastwood gave an 11 minute speech that didn’t seem to have much of a point.  During the speech he spoke to an empty chair that was supposed to be President Obama and also gave a throat slashing sign when saying what people should do with Obama this November.  Watch Eastwood’s speech here:

Finally, last night Mitt Romney formally accepted the nomination for President from the Republican party.  He gave a speech which talked about his personal life, a 5 step plan for the economy, a promise of 12 million new jobs, and of course plenty of attacks on President Obama.  Watch the speech here:

Of course the question that is the most important of all is how YOU feel after the convention.  Let us know what you think!






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