For many of us summer time is a glorious time for fun and frolic. However for many of us acne can rear its ugly head making us self-conscious and disappointed. The cruel irony of summer acne is summer is the time of year we wish to be as bare as we can be. This “Health/Beauty Wellness Wednesday” I share with you tips on how to keep those summer acne breakouts at bay.

Try To Stay out Of The Heat As Much as You Can. If you are able to, find as much shade as you can. Heat can aggravate skin and cause it to “answer” with acne and unsightly breakouts.

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Exfoliate Your Skin. To keep skin beautiful and radiant, one really should exfoliate all year. The summer months, however, call for exfoliation much more often and for many of us every day. Check with your skin care professional to find a regimen that works for you. Exfoliation is one way to prevent clogged pores, dead skin build-up and acne. Get a pair of loofah gloves or a loofah sponge and lather them up in the shower. Find an use a gentle exfoliation scrub on face since loofah gloves are too rough to use on facial skin.

Control That Oil. Oil glands are in overdrive during hot weather. Over-active oil glands are one of the major causes of blackheads and clogged pores. To control oily skin, try a water-based toner in the morning and night. Read ingredients, ask a professional and then avoid harsh alcohol-based toners. They tend to dry skin out. Dry skin coupled with aggravated skin is not pretty on anyone.

There is Power In Sunscreen. Believe it or not, sunscreen can really help you keep acne at bay in the summer. Read ingredients and go for sunscreens that are non-comedogenic. Just like alcohol dries out skin, long periods of sun exposure will also result in extremely dry skin. So when skin is noticeably dry, the oil glands will activate and send oil to the skins surface. So take the time to soothe the skin’s moisture-levels with a wide-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 at least.

Switch Facial Products During Summer Months.

If you are more prone to get breakouts in the summer, consider using gycolic-acid based or Salicylic acid cleansers in the summer. These ingredients fight acne and make for a clear and wonderful complexion. Salicylic acid slowly renews a new layer of skin when used. For that finishing touch, it is absolutely imperative to follow cleansing with a sunscreen afterward since the skin is made even more vulnerable to harmful sun rays.

Watch the video below for additional tips on the difference between Glycolic and Salicylic Acid:

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