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Sniffle, Sniffle. It’s an all too common phrase for many. During this time of year, thousands fight with allergies, grab tissues to blow out congestion and thumb through makeup bags to conceal the red noses and watery eyes. Approximately 35 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis  or nasal allergies. Women spend lots to conceal, cover and camouflage the visible signs of a allergy attack. But with a few tips you can still successfully keep those allergies at bay and still look your best. Take a look at some of the best ways to put your best face forward, even when your allergies are relentlessly fighting you.

1. Make-up experts agree that it is important to have a silicone-based primer. The primer allows that allergy sufferer to fill in fine lines and pores. By using the primer and on the onset of a very bad allergy day, you will notice that the need for makeup almost disappears.

2. Purchase a good bronzer that has brown rather than red undertones. Simply take a large powder brush and chisel the face and take away the appearance of puffiness. And remember with the bronzer, a little goes a long way.

3. Have a few trouble spots on your face? Try a green corrector stick. They are found at drug stores. It has been said that “green cancels red” and the same premise holds true when you have those red blotches on skin from allergy attacks.

4. And finally, in order for skin to stay supple and hydrated, drink lots of water! Think about it. You are taking various medications and anti-histamines to keep those allergies at bay. The ingredients in many medications can be very drying to the skin. Keep that bottled water close to you and remember to drink your water often.

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