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Alicia Keys is still on fire. She’s been out and about in the public eye lately revealing she feels like she has a fresh start. In a recent interview with Ebony Magazine. She dished on raising her son Egypt, how she knew husband Swizz Beatz was the one for her and her dream acting role.

On Finding Her Soul Mate: 

Finding my soul-mate, finding the love of my life has been a freeing experience because of the way we identify [with] each other and understand each other. It’s so rare that you feel like you can be your whole self [with someone]. I can be my whole self, he can be his whole self. I don’t have to be half of myself, he doesn’t have to be half of himself. We can just be ourselves and so that alone [is a different feeling].  He’s actually taught me so much… He has that kind of a carefree easy-going spirit that has definitely taught me to be a little bit a little more [easy-going], which is great.

On Being A Mother: 

And then having a baby, it’s like ‘Oh my gosh!’ It makes every — the smallest thing amazing.  Like the first time he’s discovering how to say the word ‘light.’ Like ‘light’ is the most exciting thing. (She imitates Egypt) And it’s kind of true! The light is amazing. Like, ‘Look! You turn it off and then you turn it on and it’s beautiful!’ But for (adults) things become so routine, so mundane and for him he’s discovering things for the first time so it makes me see things in a new place. So, I think all of those things together has brought me to a place that’s like just a fresh, new start. And I really like this new start.”

On Stepping Into Acting: 

To be Lena Horne would be a great honor for me — like huge – so I really do hope that pans out.” But, she admits, “Movies are tricky. They’re tough and they take a long time to sort out and put together.”  

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