Tyler Perry believes industry folk are underestimating the flexibility of his fan base when it comes to his roles outside of the Madea mothership.

“The great thing about my audience is that even though there’s an association with me with the character Madea, there’s also the association with ‘Good Deeds’ and ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ They’ve seen me in other roles before and have supported them to that degree,” Perry said during interviews for his new film “Alex Cross,” opening Friday.

Out of Perry’s 14 films, “Alex Cross” is the first in which he is not doubling as the director or writer.  As reported earlier, he’s already in negotiations with author James Patterson to play the detective again for the upcoming adaptation of “Double Cross.”

Clearly, the Atlanta-based mogul is looking to expand his fan base by taking on new and unexpected characters. He believes most of his OG crowd will support him as Alex Cross. However, he believes there is one segment of his audience that may not be ready to branch out along with him.

Listen below.

via EurWeb

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