Deion Sanders can officially walk away from his crumbled marriage after a judge ruled that the former couple’s pre-nup is indeed legit.

Pilar ain’t getting’ a dime of his money.

She claimed the document had been forged, and extra pages were added to the agreement after she originally signed it.

Pilar’s lawyers say that, “Deion never intended this to be a lifetime commitment.” and in turn “tricked and defrauded” Pilar.

However, she agreed to a $100,000 signing bonus when she penned her John Hancock on the prenup.

Deion’s attorney plays on Pilar’s claims, saying that if the marriage was a fraud, she ought to give the $100,000 back.

This is the third time she came to the court about this issue. The judge is basically tired of seeing her face, so Pilar wants a new judge.

Deion celebrated the victory on Twitter, writing:

“Boy I wanted to get up and do my dance today in court! I always told you a lie has No endurance and the Truth will win in the end! Yes Lawd”

via EurWeb

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