“Judge Judy” fans are seeing their favorite TV jurist in a way they never have. And never expected. “Judge Judy” Sheindlin guested on Katie Couric’s syndicated talk show Monday, chatting with Katie underneath a video-screen picture in which Sheindlin is wearing a white halter-neck bikini, covered slightly by the kind of outerwear not normally associated with judges.

 It was especially noteworthy because one of the topics Sheindlin discussed with Couric was her recent 70th birthday celebration. That came on Oct. 21, the same day she celebrated her 37th wedding anniversary with her husband, Jerry.


Sheindlin, whose $45 million annual paycheck makes her the highest-salaried judge on TV — and probably anywhere else — told Couric she follows a fitness regimen simply because it improves her life. 

 “I feel terrific,” she says. “I still love working. I still love being in the mix of things.” As for her modeling future, she indicated to Couric that this photo is likely to be the limit.