So I took to my Facebook and Twitter pages this week to ask my female friends and listeners for their feedback in my latest blog, because I want to know what’s on your minds.  The goal of my blog has always been to try to let the readers into the mind of a single black man so what better way than to ask directly “What do YOU want to know?” I got a lot of feedback, so much so that I had to split this into two blogs, so without further adieu here are some of your questions with answers ladies:

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What’s the obsession with that thing?  Why does it rule your world? (Ruth C.)

Now I could get into the whole “all male species on this planet are predisposed to finding a mate and… well, mating” but I’m not gonna go there.  I’ll put it to you like this, sexual desires don’t rule our world but its an important part.  Men are very visual creatures, if we see something attractive we will at the very least look at it regardless of our relationship status.  It’s not a slight towards the woman we are with but rather natural behavior in my humble opinion.  It’s the ones who follow-up on the behavior that cause problems.  My best advice is this ladies: I can look at a juicy cheeseburger and think to myself “Oh that looks good!” but if I know I have a steak dinner with all the fixings waiting for me at home then I’m not gonna stop at the burger shack! You feel me?

Does it really make a difference to men if a woman wears a weave? (Jennifer J.)
To me, no, as long as I can pull it and that usually is a no go with y’all.  As a matter of fact some of you ladies really make me mad, getting all fly at the beauty salon with a fresh manicure and pedicure and then get mad at us men for trying to get a little action! Seriously, as long as your weave is tight and managed properly you’re cool with me.
But I also love my natural sisters, they don’t mind getting their hair wet and that’s a major plus in my book.
If all a man wants is sex, why not just say that?  That might be all she wants too… (Unsigned)
Ok this is a tricky one.  I am going to answer it this way: men have no problem telling women that IF that’s really what they wanted to hear.  Problem is women, in general, don’t want to hear that she’s just a jump off/one night stand/booty call, if that was the case then there would be a lot less relationships out here… trust me.
The men who are just interested in sex know that if they just say that then its a recipe for having no sex.  I know this sounds messed up but hey would women who want to get married start off every date they go on by saying “I’m looking for a husband and I want to have 3.5 kids” Hell no they wouldn’t because that would be the shortest date in human history!
In essence I’m saying we all hide our true intentions until one of us feels comfortable enough to disclose them.  Some men are bold enough to tell a woman that he just wants to have sex and some women are bold enough to do the same, but generally this is rare because at the end of the day….we’re all afraid of rejection on some level.
Why are guys so into asking females for pics, like Its part of the game? (Unsigned)
Ahhhhh this is a great question and pretty easy to answer. Men are, once again, visual creatures.  We want to preview a product before we buy it, so to speak.  Especially nowadays with push up bras, fake eye lashes, booty pads, weaves, & spanx! By the time some of you take off all of that you look like a TOTALLY different person! Pics keep it real!!
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