So I took to my Facebook and Twitter pages to ask my female friends and listeners for their feedback in my latest blog, because I want to know what’s on your mind.  The goal of my blog has always been to try to let the readers into the mind of a single black man so what better way than to ask directly “What do YOU want to know?” I got a lot of feedback, so much so that I had to split this into two blogs (click here to read part 1), so without further adieu here are some of your questions with answers ladies:

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When Men See That A Woman Is A Crazy, Slutty, Bad Mom When He Meets Her, Why do Men Still Get Them Pregnant??? (Sara G.)

Bad judgement.  Sometimes men get mesmerized by a woman and forget all of her bad flaws until it is too late.  I hate to say it but sometimes we only think with our….. man parts.  The bigger question is “Why aren’t these men wearing protection!?”  Honestly, we have a lot of reckless behavior going on in our community when it comes to sex.  Lack of safe sex contributes to the way too high rates of us being infected with HIV as well as leading to many unwanted pregnancies, which leads to too many kids growing up without a father.

Until we as men learn that taking 30 seconds to put on a condom can save us from a lifetime of pain (emotionally & physically in the case of STDs) then this will always be a problem. And for those who have produced these children and aren’t stepping up and taking responsibility for them, learning what it means to be a real man is essential.  Regardless of how a child gets here, they need love and attention from both parents.  Too many women have been doing it by themselves for too long, its time for us to step up.

Why Do Men Continue To Date A Woman He Doesn’t Want To Marry? (Ashia L.)

Great question! If men get comfortable with their situation then they wont change it and we certainly won’t be looking to commit long-term to someone or something that we don’t want to.  So this goes back to the old saying “why buy the cow if you’re getting the milk for free?” Now I’m not saying that women should just go on a mass sex strike in order to get a guy to commit, but I am saying that its extremely important to kn0w what your man wants out of the relationship before you get to deep into it. Also make sure you communicate what YOU want out of it so that both of you can make a choice on whether you want to proceed or not.

How many girls do guys have at once? (Crystal L.)

Ok this is a two part answer. First, if the man is single then the possibilities are endless.  If you’re just dating then a man typically will exercise his right to be single because dating is a numbers game.  Men like to see whats out there until we truly find that person that makes us want to stop everything.

Second, if the man is NOT single then it should be only one.  Now we all know that this isn’t always true. Some men just can’t be satisfied (some women too) and there is really no specific reason as to why.  My advice to the ladies would be to do everything in your power to make sure that your man gets all he needs from you and you alone.

Do Men Really Want Women For Who They Are Or Just For Their Bodies? (Crystal L.) 

This really depends on the guy and how he views the woman.  If he just views the woman as a jump off, then it will just be about sex in his mind.  However, if a man sees a future with a her then I believe he will love her for who she is.

Thanks to all who emailed & hit me up on Twitter & Facebook with your questions!! If you have anymore please feel free to hit me up and we’ll do more of these Q&A sessions!





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