Baldwin Wallace Astronomer Gary Kader is pretty clear…

“Absolutely not,” exclaimed Astronomer Gary Kader. “There is no scientific evidence that the end of the world is near.”

There is however scientific proof of P.H.A’s…

“Potentially hazardous asteroids, but we have none heading our way. I’d be happy to sign that nothing headed our way,” stated Kader.

The largest rock expected to come our way, according to Kader, is in 2029 — on Friday the 13th of all days.

“So now plan your next Doomsday scenario based on Friday 13th April 2029,” said Kader.

For all of you out there losing your minds saying “I don’t understand all this astronomy stuff” in layman’s terms  it’s like this — according to Gary the planets are supposed to align but when you look at his diagram, they are not aligned. So we should be good.

Baldwin Wallace boasts the second largest refractor or telescope in Ohio.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News